Attendance Management

In several businesses it is important to track the attendance of employees at a company’s office or at a client’s office/site. The ability to track the physical location of an employee using the Field Force Automation app helps in marking attendance both while punching-in to work and while punching-out of work at the end of a workday.


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Attendance Tracking
Increasingly a company's field force is distributed over a large geography with or without company office spaces. Attendance tracking in such situations becomes challenging and inaccurate - leading to a loss in productivity and customer satisfaction. Novopay FFA provides attendance tracking of the field force both manual and automatic.
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Punch-in Punch-out
There are 2 methods that Novopay FFA tracks attendance. Firstly by the employee manually punching-in and punching-out at start and end of work day. Secondly Novopay FFA is able to use the geo-fencing capability of the platform to establish automatic attendance punch-in once the employee is detected within a set radius of the designated office space. Similarly geo-fencing can also punch-out the employee automatically.
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Incentive Management
Incentive Management: Attendance could be a key factor in computation of wages and compensation as well as incentives. The combination of attendance tracking and the performance monitoring of KPIs can result in computation of wages, compensation and incentives.