Digital On-boarding Solution

On-boarding your customers for providing service is the first step in the relationship journey. It is said, “first impression is most lasting one”, yet organisations struggle to provide a seamless experience. Compliance around KYC, especially in the Financial services sector, has added to the woes.

Novopay Digital On-boarding Solution allows Banks, NBFCs, MFIs, Insurance Companies, Wealth Management firms, Retailers & Telcos to enable Instant, Frictionless, Rapid yet fully compliant on-boarding of their customers.


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100% Digital Experience

Novopay Digital On-boarding Solution supports you to provide a 100% digital experience for rapid and error free on- boarding. Key supported features are:

  • Accurate data extraction from ID documents
  • Support for multiple IDs such as PAN, Voter Id, Passport, National ID, Driving License etc
  • Redacting sensitive data on stored images
  • Automatic generation of documents
  • Simpler digital journeys for repeat customers


Frictionless end-to-end On-boarding Lifecycle

Novopay Digital On-boarding Solution empowers frictionless onboarding of customers. All stages from Capture > Identify > Extract > Integrate > Verify > Generate> Sign > Process > Archive are supported by our workflow.


Video KYC with Face biometrics

Novopay supports AI driven Video KYC solution that helps enterprises speed-up customer on-boarding  by automating the document collection and verification process using AI driven face match and document verification algorithms . Key supported features are:

  • Capture Face image from uploaded document
  • Prompt video of customer to be recorded
  • Perform liveliness check (blink of an eye, saying something)
  • Perform face biometric match
  • Capture signature & verify with the wet signature on documents
  • Admin portal for viewing videos and approval


Assisted and Self service Omni-channel experience

Novopay’s solution supports both self-service and assisted models for digital onboarding. Key supported features are:

  • Self Service App or PWA links for customers
  • SDK for integration into existing Consumer apps
  • Agent App for assisted on-boarding
  • Omni-channel experience, such as started by customer, acted upon by assisted channel, completed by back- office over IVR


Pre-built Business Flows with Dynamic screens

Novopay Digital On-boarding Solution comes with pre-built workflows for several standard use cases. Your workflow and details required for on- boarding customers could be different from usual. Novopay’s solution allows dynamic screens to be designed to rapidly do such customisations. Key features are:

  • Instant A/c opening workflow
  • Loan Application workflow
  • Customer re-KYC workflow
  • Loan Lead generation workflow
  • Deposit opening workflow
  • Dynamic screen builder framework


Ease of Integration

Integrations are integral part of building any on-boarding flow. Novopay’s solution comes pre-integrated with several public and private database. It also comes with a cleanly architected integration adapter layer that allows integration with other systems of a Bank. Few standard integrations are:

  • Supports eKYC, Offline Aadhaar, Demo auth with UIDAI
  • PAN database check
  • SaS MDM, Posidex
  • Payment Gateways


Novopay’s Engagement Model

Novopay offers its Digital On-boarding solution as a Cloud offering and as well as a deployed implementation within a Bank premise. Certain Machine learning based components will always be provided from the cloud set up.

In India, we also bring a host of business integrations with external databases and our algorithms already understand many standard IDs such as PAN, Aadhaar, Voter Id, Passport and DLs.

What do we bring to the table?

  • Digital Onboarding Platform
  • Account Origination App
  • Lead Generation App
  • Implementation Services for quick deployment
  • Open APIs
  • Cloud SaaS with 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Tech-support and Dev-Ops
  • Biz-Ops with IVR support
  • Database checks in India (PAN, Aadhaar, etc)
  • Novopay’s retail network (for assisted KYC)

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