Field Force Management

The Field Force Management solutions help monitor, analyze and improve the overall productivity of the entire WorkForce of a company. Each employee is tracked using his/her smartphone app in order to see their movement in the field as well as their progress w.r.t the tasks they are asked to complete. Detailed modules exist for performance management of the field force as well as to manage their business expenses and their incentives.


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Office and Org Chart
Field force employees need to be created/uploaded with linkages to office/Organizations as well as assigned appropriate role in the system. This module gives us the ability to track a field force employee in 360 degrees.
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Leader Board
The Leaderboard list the Top employees in your field force, by tasks accomplished, geography or other KPIs such as customers acquired, transactions/revenues generated or overall productivity.
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Roles and Permissions
Roles and Permissions are assigned to every employee so that the right task can be assigned to the appropriate employee and also restrict the access to certain tasks to certain roles. There could also be a budgetary approval limits associated with a role an employee is assigned.