Real-time GPS Tracking

The ability of smartphones to provide GPS tracking hence the location of the field force employees at all times gives enormous ability to track, measure and hence improve the productivity of every employee. Assigning of beat plans, monitoring the employee’s route against beat plan as well as meetings with specific customers is accomplished through GIS ring-fencing.


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GPS Tracking
The GPS sensors on a smartphone are able to continuously track the location of the Employee/Agent. This feature when coupled with server side processing capabilities is very useful in not only monitoring the progress of the employee in performing tasks, but also can optimize on the Employee's actions to maximize task completion and hence productivity.
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Route Planning
Similar to a Uber/Ola driver, the planning of a beat or a route on a map, can optimize the travel time of an employee in visiting customer or task sites. These beat plans can be completely automated or be generated through the help of a lead or territory managers. Adherence of the employee to follow the beat plan can also be monitored using Novopay FFA system.
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Event Detection through Ring Fencing
Very often automatic detection of an Employee's visit to a specific customer site would be a very useful feature of a FFA system. THe Novopay FFA system uses "Ring Fencing" meaning infer's the Customer Visit based on the employee arriving close to the customer site - as determined by the GPS location - a client configured 'Ring Fence Radius' determines the sensitivity of the event detection. This is a very useful functionality to auto detect events such as customer visits.
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Performance Measurement
GPS tracking an employee's movements and ring fencing to detect 'visit events' can be used to measure the progress of an employee towards tasks assigned to him/her. This ability is used to measure the performance of an employee. The aggregate metrics can then be used to measure the performance of an entire team or even the entire company.