Video ID KYC, Aadhaar Offline KYC and eSign

Identity verification and onboarding with a suite of products that includes Video ID KYC, Aadhaar Offline KYC and eSign.


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Our Offerings

Video KYC

Novopay’s Video KYC is an RBI approved AI-driven solution that helps enterprises speed-up customer on-boarding by automating the document collection and verification process using AI-driven face match and document verification algorithms.


Aadhaar KYC

Paperless Aadhaar Offline based KYC solution, for enterprises looking for an alternative to Aadhaar eKYC and for those who are trying to automate their customer on-boarding and verification process using their app or web portal.


Aadhaar Signatures

Replace physical signing process with Novopay, a digital signature solution which allows you and your customers to sign documents using electronic signature authenticated using Aadhaar.


Why Us?

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Acquire Customers Faster
Accurately determine your user's identity in less than 1 minute
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Compliant With Regulation
Compliance with KYC, AML, UIDAI and other regulations
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Customizable Per Requirement
Our solutions are customizable as per your business and product
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Aadhaar Based Verification
Comprehensive Aadhaar solutions including hosted solutions for licensed entities
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Increase Accuracy With AI
Best accuracy in real-time using artifical Intelligence and machine learning
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Plug & Play Integration
Seamlessly integrate with our mobile and web SDKs or APIs