Performance Monitoring

The performance of an entire company can be measured by accurately measuring the performance of each of its employees. Effectiveness of employees is measured by monitoring the achievement on specific tasks and achieving their target KPIs. The Performance Monitoring module enables us to setup Tasks and KPIs for each employee or group and then be able to monitor the tasks/KPIs achieved. The performance of each employee is computed based on their achieved tasks and KPIs weighted based on their importance to the company.


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KPI Target Setting & Achievement Monitoring
Setting Key Performance Indicators targets to each employee across an entire field force is a non-trivial job. Effective target setting depending on product, geography targeted and field force team and maturity. Novopay FFA allows for an iterative easy tool to help set targets flowing from overall company wide targets.
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KPI Monitoring
KPI Monitoring needs to happen not only at an individual employee level, but at various aggregate levels of the organization. This rolling up of KPIs to various levels of a company's hierarchy of field force is handled by Novopay FFA. This allows you to not only evaluate the performance of a single Employee but the various groups all the way to the overall company level.
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Incentive Management
Novopay FFA computes the performance of each employee based on 3 factors: 1) Target 2) Achieved 3) KPI Weight This translates the various efforts of the employee into one performance indicator, which can be aggregated at various higher levels of the organization.