Analytics & Dashboards

Leverage Novopay's Wallet Analytics Dashboards to stay ahead of the competition and get real-time insights into Business outcomes, Customer experience & Technology metrics. Slice and dice enormous data by geography, time-window, service or people to gain deeper insights. Novopay’s Wallet Analytics Dashboards are based on a state-of-the-art BI platform that can help you do what-if analysis on large amounts of transaction data to gain business insights. All this to lead to better decision making all the way from Executives to Staff on the ground.


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Business Analytics
Identify the effectiveness of your customer acquisition pipeline, customer acquisition cost, revenue across products and services and new geographies to expand into. Novopay's Wallet Analytics Dashboards are real-time and available to everyone from executives to ground staff. All this to align everyone in your organisation and make better decisions.
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Risk Analytics
Operating wallets is prone to regulatory and compliance breaches either by external or internal frauds. Configure metrics to put checks and balances in place and monitor them using Novopay's Wallet Analytics Dashboards. This allows you to identify fraud sooner and make policy decisions to curtail risks.
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Operations Analytics
Operational dashboards are necessary for day-to-day functioning of the organisation. Novopay's Wallet Analytics Dashboards give insights into tasks accomplished for the day, early warning indicators for preventive actions and employee leaderboards.
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Realtime & Scalable
With a state-of-the-art BI engine, Novopay's Transaction Analytics Dashboards streams real-time data as events take place. It leverages concurrent data pipelines, has the ability to connect to existing legacy systems over APIs and can read from databases or third-party systems. All this to provide data at your fingertips with a lag of 50 milliseconds.
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Drag & Drop Dashboards
Dashboards are always iterative and it is hard to get them right the first time. Novopay's Transaction Analytics Dashboards allow users to configure graphs, metrics or maps, and then drag and drop them into desired dashboards. The simple dashboard designer interface ensures that we get to the desired dashboards in the shortest amount of time.
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GIS Maps for Drilldown
Decision makers love maps, as numbers and graphs alone do not show the big picture. With Novopay's Transaction Analytics Dashboards, users can see all their data overlaid on interactive maps. This gives them the power to drill down on regions and see localised metrics. This capability allows executives to see regions with problems and identify opportunities.