Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards offers a convenient, secure and cost-effective access to funds for spending at a multiple of physical POS terminals, QR codes and withdraw cash at ATMs. This extends the usability the Prepaid Card & Wallet platform to a large number of open loop merchants and ATMs. Novopay's prepaid card platform allows you to issue card scheme compliant physical and virtual cards


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Card Issuance
Card issuance platform allows prepaid and Virtual cards to be issued. It helps end to end lifecycle management from design, issuance, linking and administration of cards. Multiple cards can be linked to the same store of value, with customised spend rules and limits. It also supports instant issuance of virtual cards, including one time use cards. Post issuance activities, such as renewal, reissuance and hot listing of cards is supported.
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Card Management
Customers can manage cards using the convenience of their mobile App. They can link, unlink a card, add an external card, suspend a card, reset PIN, put spend limits. This provides for complete control in the hands of the consumer. Customers can also request for issuance of one time usage virtual cards. These can then be distributed for making specific payments or used as gifts.