Task Management

Every company has key tasks such as selling a product or performing a service that needs to accomplished effectively. The ability to increase the productivity of Employees in performing the maximum number of tasks at a given level of quality determines the success of the company. The Task Management module helps in setting up specific tasks or KPI (key performance indicators) that an Employee, Group, Division needs to achieve.


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Task Lifecycle
Involves the creation, Assignment, Prioritization, Processing and Completion of a Task. Often the Task creation happens from the client system using FFA APIs, whereas the subsequent steps in the task cycle happens often through events detected by the Smartphone App or through explicit user inputs into the Novopay FFA App.
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Task Coordination
Often an Employee performing a task at a client location involves co-ordination through the Alerts & Notification framework. Various alerts are sent to the customer and the employee in order to coordinate a visit to the task site and ensure smooth completion of the task.
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Task Feedback
Task Feedback - It is very important to collect task feedback from the customer in order to understand the satisfaction level of the customer with the Employee as well as the overall Company. The FFA system collects customer feedback and updates the system.
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Auto Task Collection
Auto Task Allocation - Novopay FFA automatically allocates tasks to appropriate employees based on the role, expertise of the employee and the geography and scheduled time of the task. This ability to assign hundreds of thousands of tasks to the most appropriate employees brings a huge leap in productivity and operational efficiency.