Wallet Platform

Novopay's Prepaid Card & Wallet platform is an end to end platform to provide and manage Stored Value Accounts for end customers, manage balances in one or more sub-wallets and enable a seamless payment experience for consumers from their app to peers, bank accounts, eCom and physical merchants. This allows banks, telcos, transport companies, FMCG companies to acquire and engage their customers and channel members


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Customer Management
Customers can be registered in a step-up fashion, beginning with simple details such as Name, DOB, Govt Id to seamlessly upgraded with full KYC details. Application comes integrated with the Digital onboarding service offering such as Aadhaar eKYC, Video KYC, KYC OCR capability, face biometric, liveliness check to quickly yet securely onboard customers on the platform. We support comprehensive customer life cycle management, including customer authentication, mobile number change workflows, workflow to update contact details as well as block/suspend/unsuspend/activate/de-activate customers for various reasons.
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Wallet Management
Wallet management capability allows several types of store of values to be defined according to the KYC of the customer and according to the business needs. Differential limits and transaction rules, including allowed transactions and pricing can be defined. Wallet lifecycle - such as activation, de-activation, suspension, blacklisting, tiering can be managed. Application supports multi-wallet structure to support wallet pockets, vouchers, coupons and other instruments. Example of different types of wallets that can be set up are Limited KYC wallets, Full KYC wallets, Merchant Wallet, Agency Wallet etc.
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Funds Transfers
Funds transfer is a key capability available to end consumers. P2P transfers enables quick and easy transfer to a contact from phonebook, including sending to a unregistered customer. Funds can be also be transferred to other Bank accounts, domestic and international through appropriate payment rails. Users can repeat past payments, add beneficiaries for repeated payments, add favourites, set beneficiary nicknames, verify beneficiary details prior to making transfers, schedule future dated transfers and perform recurring transactions. Money transfers can be performed over various protocols such as IMPS, NEFT, UPI etc.
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Users can perform variety of payment transactions from the ease of their mobile applications. Online merchants can be paid through payment gateways, offline merchants can be paid via QR code, OTP or NFC taps. Consumers can also make Bill payments in payment or presentment mode. Airtime top up is another popular payment that is supported on our platform. In India, the application is integrated and complaint with BBPS standards. Consumers can also request payments via payment link, wallet based debit request or UPI collect. Corporate & SME customers can also manage their payroll payments. Similarly, the platform allows storage of debit mandates, basis which wallet debits towards rent, bills and loan EMIs can be supported.
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Account Services
Customers can manage their wallet account on their own. Features such as Suspension / unsuspension, Profile management, Transaction inquiry, Account statement view and download, change PIN, Request Card, Raise Service requests are supported on the platform.
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Customer Support
Customer support, while largely managed in a self-serve pattern, still is needed for use cases that needs assistance. The extent of support also depends on the category and profile of the customers. Customer support desk is provided a CRM to do customer 360 degree view, including the linked accounts, card last four digits, view specific transaction status, share statements by e-mail, block/unblock customers, assist in addressing transaction flows, Help in loss of phone scenarios, view service request and its status. Customer support feature also comes with integrated IVR systems through APIs for outgoing as well as incoming calls.
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Wallet Administration
We provide robust Wallet administration capabilities to help Banks /Other user organisations to manage a secure and compliant system. Wallet product management allows admin to easily and quickly create different types of products as pervelant regulation. Admins can define allowed transactions, limits - both per transaction as well as cumulative limits, Pricing and charges at product scheme level etc. Admins can also set up various partner entities that participate in transactions. Accounting and pricing can be varied based on revenue / cost shares decided with partners. Admin users can also manage and view wallet dashboards, App analytics, Transaction analytics, Reports and P&L statements for the wallet program.